Updates and Improvements to Concelo - Hideaway Bins




New design changes to the full Concelo Bin range

With the large expansion of the range in May 2022, Hideaway Bins have introduced some subtle but significant improvements to the Concelo platform. These all revolve around the body design and have come about from working closely with our customers. These changes will be implemented gradually from April 2022.

Two kinds of installation methodology
1 - Standard Side Mounting
The Concelo range will now use the System 32 compatible drilling pattern to mount to the sides of the cabinet using 8 high strength Euro screws. All models are designed to suit standard cabinet widths (350mm / 400mm / 450mm) using 16mm board.

 Concelo with standard Side Mounting


2 – True Top Mounting
Over the years Hideaway Bins have had one clear point of difference and this was the ability to mount our bin systems to the top plate of a cabinet. This feature allows all Hideaway Bins to be installed in cabinets in a variety of situations. Concelo can also do this! Concelo waste bins can be mounted to the top plate of cabinets using the new CRTMB Brackets. These can be purchased as an optional kit should top mounting be required. They are made from 5mm thick steel and they slot into the body of the bin unit and are bolted securely in place to provide impressive strength and rigidity. 

Concelo with CRTMB Top Mount Brackets

• Ideal for retro-fit situations where Concelo can be fitted into over-width cabinets, without the need for custom side packers. 

 Concelo with CRTMB brackets for Top Mounting in over-width cabinets

• This also allows mounting under fixed shelves, which can suit installations under a sink, under a drawer or when two Concelo units are stacked on top of each other in a cabinet.

 Concelo with CRTMB brackets for Top Mounting under fixed shelves 

• Concelo can also be installed in unusual situations where side mounting is only possible on one side.

 Concelo with CRTMB brackets for Top Mounting and Side mounting to one side


New Model Numbering System

With the expanded Concelo range it is important to have an intuitive numbering system. One of the most common questions is what size cabinet does the model fit into. Concelo model codes will now incorporate the standard cabinet size as well as the bucket configuration, among other information. In the example below, the CR235D-W will now be known as the CR450-235D-W. This will make it easier for designers and cabinetmakers to chose the right Concelo bin for their project. The change in model numbers does not affect product dimensions.


Overview of Concelo Range 


As a business we are incredibly proud of the Concelo range, and we will continue to push the boundaries of design to ensure we always provide the homeowner with a product they will enjoy using, as well as our trade customers with a product they can place their trust in. If you have any queries or questions please contact us.