Compact Cleaning Instructions - Hideaway Bins


Compact Care and Maintenance


Refrain from pushing down on rubbish inside your bucket/s as this creates extra pressure on the screw fixings inside the cabinet.

How to keep your Hideaway Bin clean

You should clean your Hideaway Bin a minimum of every 3 months using warm soapy water and a soft cloth. This includes removing the buckets and liner holders on your bin and cleaning the interior parts of your bin unit.

DO NOT allow food and grime to build up on the surfaces of your bin. This may damage the protective powder coat or the metal components.

DO NOT use harsh abrasive cleaners, commercial cleaning products, scouring pads or hard brushes.

How to care for your runners

Check that Runners/ball bearings are free of any debris/dirt/plastic from bin liners. When cleaning, try to avoid getting the runners wet, however, if this happens ensure you dry the runners well and lubricate them.

Lubricate your runners with a small amount of petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, or a clear silicone grease. DO NOT USE silicon spray, WD40, CRC 556, or other similar sprays. The runners can be separated, which makes it easier to clean and lubricate. Download the Care & Maintenance instructions below for step by step guide to separating runners.

Your Hideaway Bin Should be able to open fully to allow the back bucket to be removed. If you cannot open the bin fully, your bin runners may have developed a "memory" over time. This occurs due to the bin usually being opened partially during everyday use. If your bin runners have developed a memory, you can reset the runners. Place a firm grip on either side of your handle/door bracket and slowly, but firmly, pull the unit towards you. Continue to pull the runners towards you until they reach their maximum extension. Then close your unit fully again.


DOWNLOAD Compact Care and Maintenance Instructions 

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