Organise your wardrobe with a Hideaway Bins storage system

Wardrobes are notorious for quickly becoming cluttered and disorganised.  To organise this space, Hideaway Bins offer many simple and stylish storage solutions. Your precious wardrobe space can easily be regained by installing a Hideaway Bin. Clothing, soft toys, makeup and other items can be neatly tucked away but are still easily accessible when required.

Hideaway Bins are an intelligent, space-saving solution, designed with detail and made of high quality materials making them ideal for any area of the home. As there are many different sizes and shapes of wardrobe, there are also many bin configurations with double and single bucket models available to suit the space you have.

For larger wardrobes such as walk-in wardrobes where space is ample, why not install a 50 litre Hideaway Bin as a hidden laundry basket. An organisational system for sorting shoes, laundry and other bits and bobs can be achieved by installing a double bucket system such as the KC30D. Alternatively, you can stack two of the units one above the other to create the ultimate four-bin storage system.

For those with a smaller wardrobe, a single 15 litre bin from the Hideaway Compact range is ideal as they are compact in design making them perfect for smaller spaces while creating a modern touch and simplifying your home.

Featuring Hideaway Compact KC15H

KC15H new 2

  • Available in handle pull or drawer pull -   
    Models KC15H or KC15D
  • 15L bucket holds a standard supermarket bag
  • Great for limited space areas
  • Easy solution for kids to store toys such as blocks
  • The high quality tracks have a dynamic weight loading of 40kg


If you are unsure what model is best for you and your home, feel free to contact Kitchen King. Whether it's for the kids' room or the master bedroom, there is a Hideaway Bin available to suit nearly any wardrobe.

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Article published by:
Joiners Magazine
March 2012
Page 36