Compostable Bin Liner - 15 & 20L Bucket - Roll of 20 - Hideaway Bins


Compostable Bin Liner - 15 & 20L Bucket - 4 Roll Combo Pack

Combo Pack of 4 Rolls - 80 Liners Total - 7% discount

Designed to perfectly fit our Hideaway 15L or 20L buckets, and come with handy drawstrings to make disposal easy and convenient. Hideaway Compostable Bin Liners are engineered to be strong and durable for use in kitchen bins, yet break down easily in compost environment and leave no harmful residue.

Hideaway Compostable bin liners are designed to be a sustainable alternative to harmful plastic bags. The liner and drawstring are made from a natural starch-based polymer derived from corn, and the printing is done with water based eco-friendly inks. They will break down in moist humid conditions, leaving no harmful residues, and safe for use in home compost, industrial compost or landfill.

Check local council regulations for composting.

Size 460 x 565mm
Combo Pack of 4 Rolls - 80 Liners Total



Because Hideaway Bins are made in New Zealand, replacement parts are readily available and simple to order. Availability will depend on the age of your unit. Contact us for more information.